Personalised Astrology Jewellery

How it all came about

I have studied various aspects of astrology most of my life because the stars have always fascinated me.

As a sailor I have navigated a small yacht across the Atlantic by the Sun and stars taking readings with a sextant in the days before GPS.

Drawn and printed copies of astrological charts showing a moment of birth or other occasion have always been popular and widely available and I have created many for personal use.

But my eureka moment came when it struck me that both necklaces and astrological charts are circular in shape. I started working out ways in which I might combine certain elements of an astrological chart with the parts of a necklace. Thus my astrology necklaces were born!

I currently offer personalised astrology-based jewellery in 3 different styles. Two of these are suitable for everyday whereas the third is more formal.

Astrology necklaces are created to show the positions of the planets in an astrological chart drawn up for a date that’s special to the recipient. This may be the day they were born, a wedding day, anniversary, birthday, etc. The possibilities are almost endless.

Each one is presented with information sheets and a printed copy of the astrological chart on which it is based. The 3 styles are as follows:

1. Gemstone Bead Personalised Astrology Necklaces

These simple single strand astrology necklaces were the first type of astrology jewellery which I created and remain my favourite due to their simplicity which allows ithem to be worn either as necklaces or wrapped around the wrist as bracelets.

Created from 120 4mm gemstone beads of your chosen type, each bead represents 3º of the zodiac so there are 10 beads to each zodiac sign. The change in zodiac sign is shown by a small silver seed bead. The 11 planets are then placed in their positions within each zodiac sign as indicated by the astrological chart for the occasion. The finished necklace measures approx 62cm. This is often worn by owners as a bracelet by wrapping it 2 or 3 times around the wrist.

Section of personalised astrology necklace in gemstone beads

Just as in the study of crystals, gemstones are believed to have certain powers or influences so too each of the planets is attributed with certain tendencies in astrology. It therefore seemed a good idea to choose a gemstone bead to represent each planet which shared some of these.

By using 4mm gemstone background beads the slightly larger 6mm gemstone beads representing each of the planets enabled them to stand out a little but not too much.

***See video below for explanation of what is represented in this necklace.

2. Personalised Astrology Wrap Bracelet/Choker

This is a very lightweight item. It is created using a beadwork technique with a column of seed beads representing 3º of a zodiac sign. The planets are woven into the basic beadwork using crystal beads of different colours. The following diagram and image show this.