Learning to Knit

I wanted to learn to knit as soon as I became aware of my grandmother doing it. Despite my early attempts not being received too well, I persevered. These days I prefer to focus on making small, intricate items.

Small Beginnings

I always wanted to make things.

My earliest sewing memory is when I was four years old. The elderly lady who lived next door gave my mother two small pale blue blankets in a sort of wool fleece fabric.

I announced that I wanted to make a dressing gown for my little sister from them. 


When I was a child homemade toys were what you were stuck with if you couldn’t afford manufactured ones. Now the wheel has turned. Today’s luxury gifts are handmade and often too “one of a kind”. It is predicted that by 2050 plastic toys will be so rare that they fetch huge prices when sold at auctions. What goes around, comes around…